The Works:
Service recommended at 6 months or 6,000 miles or when the oil life monitor reads 20% or less; whichever occurs first.

Minimum maintenance requirements include:
  • Oil and filter change (up to 6 quarts of oil)*
  • Rotate all 4 tires
  • Perform "on the roll" multi-point inspection checklist
  • Inspect for fluid leakage
  • Check and top off all fluid levels as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Reset oil life monitor system
  • Check tire pressures and reset monitors as needed
Conventional Oil - All Models (2010 & Earlier): $42.95
  • Includes up to 6 quarts of conventional oil
Cars & Small SUV's: $69.95
  • Includes up to 6 quarts of Dexos full synthetic oil
Full Size Pick-ups & SUV's: $79.95
  • Includes up to 8 quarts of Dexos full synthetic oil
*Additional charges apply for oil added in excess of listed amount

Oil and Filter Change Includes:
  • Changing the oil with up to 6 quarts of recommended oil
  • Replacement of oil filter
  • Check and top off fluid as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Visual inspection of belts, hoses and engine compartment
  • Lubricate door components including hinges
  • Lubricate steering suspension and drive line as required
  • Includes all applicable disposal fees
Oil & Filter Pricing:

Conventional Oil Change: $29.95
  • Additional conventional oil add $2.50 per quart
  • For most 2009 and older vehicles
Dexos Full Synthetic Oil Change: $58.95
  • Additional synthetic blend oil add $3.70 per quart
Diesel Oil Change: $85.95
  • Additional diesel oil add $7.50 per quart (trucks require up to 12 quarts)
  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) $17.95 per 2.5 gallon container
Mobile One Full Synthetic: $99.95
  • Additional full synthetic oil add $7.50 per quart

Brake Inspection and Tire Rotation $49.95 
        • Remove all four wheels 
        • Check brake lining and pads 
        • Check brake lines and hoses 
        • Check and clean rotors and drums 
        • Check master cylinder and fluid levels 
        • Inspect, clean and lube the caliper slides 
        • Document brake pad wear condition for future replacement 
Recommended at 20,000 / 30,000 mile range depending on driving habits 

Replacement of Brake Pads (Disc brakes only) Per Axle $119.95 
        • Improves vehicle safety 
          • Improves braking performance 
        • Reduces front end braking vibration 
        • Reduces damage to brake rotors 

Rotor Replacement (A/C Delco Advantage) for Car: $145 per axle
Rotor Replacement (A/C Delco Advantage) for Truck: $185 per axle

AC-Delco Batteries $129.95 and up installed 
        • Battery pricing will vary depending on factory recommendation 
        • Battery life will vary based on vehicle usage, driving habits and weather conditions 
        • Average life expectancy is 4-6 years 
        • Free battery check available upon request 

Wiper Blade Replacement (Prices may vary by each model) $17.95 and up per pair 
        • Prices vary by model 
        • Inspect condition of wipers every oil and filter change for wear and damage 
        • Check for proper wiper operation 
Recommended to replace as needed

Air Conditioning Service $129.95
         • Includes air conditioning system performance evaluation 
        • Check operation of A/C control panel, blower motor and engine cooling fan 
        • Check Freon level by evacuating A/C system of existing Freon 
        • Recharge A/C system including adding up to 2lb of Freon (additional Freon $16.00 per lb) 
        • Check system for leaks and add dye to system if necessary 
        • Inspect and adjust drive belt 
Recommended when loss of cooling is recognized. For R134 systems only.

Tire Rotation: $21.95
  • Improves traction
  • Extends tire life
  • Promotes even tire wear
Recommended every 6,000 miles

Engine Air Filter: $34.95 and up
  • Inspect at every oil and filter change
  • Replace as needed based on condition
Recommended replacement every 45,000 miles or as needed

Cabin Air Filter: $49.95 and up
  • Micro Filter that removes and prevents pollen, dust particles, and most allergens from entering 
  • through the vehicle ventilation system
  • More frequent service intervals may be needed when driving in areas with poor air quality (dirty, dusty, smog)
When equipped/recommended replacement every 25,000 miles

Wheel Alignment Front wheel alignment: $89.95 
Four wheel alignment: $99.95 
        • Improves performance by preventing pulling to one side or the other 
        • Extends tire life 
        • Enhances braking performance 
        • Improves fuel economy 
        • Provides improved safety 
        • Recommended when purchasing new tires or when free wheel scan indicates improper alignment or irregular wear pattern 
        • Adjust the angle of the wheels so they are set to automaker specifications (camber, caster and toe) 

Wheel Balance and Tire Rotation $59.95 
Remove all four wheels from vehicle, mount on wheel balancing machine. Add wheel weights as necessary to balance tires and wheels evenly. 
        • Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear and damage 
        • Balancing provides better performance and operation 
        • Increases traction and stability 
        • Increase fuel economy and life of your tires 
Recommended once a year or every 15,000 miles

Recommended Services:
Primary Vehicle Component Services:
Engine Coolant System (normal operation) $99.95 
        • Drain, flush and fill 
        • Drain old coolant and flush system with water 
        • Refill system with new coolant 
        • Service extends the life of the coolant system components and continues efficient operation 
Recommended drain, flush and refill every 4-5 years 

Engine Coolant System (SEVERE operation) $139.95 
        • Drain, power flush, clean and fill 
        • Drain old coolant 
        • Power flush the coolant system with radiator and component cleaner 
        • Removes rust, scale and corrosion deposits 
        • Refill system with new coolant 
        • Helps prevent cooling system failure 
Recommended drain, power flush and refill every 4-5 years

Fuel System Flush $129.95 
        • Clean the gas pump, fuel lines and injectors by adding cleaner to the gas and running the engine 
        • Add a second cleaner directly to the warm engine to remove gunk and carbon deposits from the combustion chambers 
        • Hand-clean the air intake using a third cleaner and bottle brushes to remove rough deposits that disturb air flow and cut efficiency 
Recommended every 4 years or 50,000 miles 

Steering System Service $99.95 
        • Steering system is relatively low maintenance 
        • Replacement of old power steering fluid with new clean fluid 
        • Service system if: 
            (1) fluid smells burnt 
            (2) is excessively brown or dirty in color 
            (3) steering pump is starting to whine 
No recommended time or mileage intervals

Transmission Service $129.95 
        • Drain existing fluid by removing the transmission pan or drain plug 
        • Clean up pan or plug and remove visible contaminates 
        • Refill with new transmission fluid up to 5 quarts 
        • Additional fluid $8.75 per quart 
Recommended every 36 months or 45,000 miles 

Flush Transmission Fluid $179.95 
        • Provides a more efficient transmission service by connecting the transmission to a machine that will remove the old fluid, circulate a transmission cleaner that will remove deposits and debris and drain the contaminated fluid from the transmission 
        • Refill with new transmission fluid up to 12 quarts 
        • Additional fluid $8.75 per quart 
Recommended every 36 months or 45,000 miles 

Differential Service $129.95 
        • Two wheel and four wheel drive trucks and SUVS rear wheel drive cars and vans 
        • Evacuate all of the old, contaminated gear oil from the differential 
        • Replace cover gasket and add new fluid 
Recommended at 100,000 miles. SEVERE use recommended every 50,000 miles.

Transfer Case Service $99.95 
        • Four wheel drive vehicles only 
        • Drain old contaminated fluid from differential 
        • Replace with new fluid 
Recommended at 45,000 miles. SEVERE use every 22,500 miles (heavy duty trucks) 
Recommended at 90,000 miles. SEVERE use every 45,000 miles (light duty trucks)

Spark Plug Replacement (See advisor for details)
4-cyl : $89.95 
6-cyl : $199.95 (includes removal of intake and/or other components to access the rear spark plugs) 
8-cyl : $159.95 
Refer to owners manual for recommended intervals

Mileage based recommended maintenance:

25,000 miles Without cabin air filter - $139.95 
        • Oil and filter change 
        • Tire rotation 
        • Full brake inspection 
        • Battery inspection 
        • Alignment check 
        • Fuel system cleaner additive 
        • Multi-point vehicle inspection

50,000 miles Without cabin air filter - $399.95 
        • Same as 25,000 miles service plus 
        • Engine air filter replacement 
        • Transmission service (normal operation) 
        • Fuel system flush and clean

75,000 miles Without cabin air filter - $219.95 
        • Same as 25,000 miles service plus 
        • Engine coolant drain and fill (normal operation)

100,000 miles Without cabin air filter - $399.95 
        • Same as 50,000 miles service

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