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Chevrolet has built a name for itself based on their ingenuity and adventurousness. By channeling that spirit into their cars, it goes to their drivers as well. Well, adventurous Cincinnati Chevy drivers will have something new to talk about in 2016: the introduction of the 2.8L Duramax diesel engine into the esteemed Colorado pickup. If you thought that the Colorado was capable and efficient already, wait until you see what it can do with a turbo-diesel keeping it going.

Do A Little More of Everything

It's been proven that diesel engines increase efficiency and power. So what does that mean for the Colorado, which is one of the best-selling midsize pickups in its class? It means that the towing capacity increases to 7,700 pounds on two-wheel-drive models (7,600 pounds on four-wheel-drive models), and the turbo-diesel engine's fuel economy is predicted to exceed the 2015 model's current figure of 26 mpg, which is the best in its segment.

This automaker continues to prove that yes, Chevrolet drivers in Cincinnati can have it all. This sophisticated machine's carbon footprint is minimal: the Duramax turbo-diesel engine is the cleanest that General Motors has ever produced, precisely designed to meet the toughest emissions standards in the country.

2015 Chevy Colorado in Cincinnati

New Engine, Same Comfort

This new outfit will be sitting atop the same chassis and suspension as past Colorado models, meaning that you still get a sedan-quality smoothness when you're sitting up front in the cab. The Colorado has received praise for its comfortable, quiet ride. Make it your hauling haven.

Innovation is what you get when a vehicle's only competition is itself. The 2016 Chevy Colorado is sure to leave the other generations behind, and we're very excited to see it on our lot in the fall. Contact us online for more information about these dependable pickups!

New Chevy Colorado for sale in Cincinnati

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