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Not all warning lights are universal. Always refer to your Chevrolet manual when you're not sure what the light indicates.

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Chevrolet Diagnostics Basics
Performing a car diagnostic test can reveal a range of problems associated with the car's transmission, oil tank, petrol tank and various other components of the car. Most modern cars now come with computer processors, microchips and sensors which can be linked to a car diagnostic computer scanner at a dealership or at the garage of a certified mechanic. At Jake Sweeney Chevrolet we have expert technicians trained in every facet of Chevrolet technology. When you choose the Jake Sweeney Chevrolet service team in Cincinnati, we can promise satisfaction and a timely fix!

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Dashboard lights, such as the check engine light or brake alert, indicate an error in one or more of your Chevrolet's systems. There are different levels of severity depending on the color the light - red being the most severe, yellow or orange tends to mean that a system needs to be serviced soon, while blue or green lights simply indicate that a specific operation is working. Don't panic - if you see a troublesome warning light, come by Jake Sweeney Chevrolet and get it diagnosed and fixed by top-notch Chevrolet technicians!

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A check engine light could mean a variety of things - the longer it goes unchecked however, the more likely you'll have serious damage to your vehicle. Run it by Jake Sweeney Chevrolet in Cincinnati, OH and take care of any diagnostics test you need. We have a staff full of knowledgeable mechanics and the right equipment to perform Chevrolet diagnostics on a variety of models. Call 513-782-2826 and we'll help you understand the issue.

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Jake Sweeney's service center is committed to providing your utmost satisfaction. Our highly trained and skilled mechanics take pride in their work and will take care of all of your service needs. We diligently diagnose issues and every repair has your well-deserved time and attention to get you back on the road. Jake Sweeney ensures you the best possible deals when it comes to getting your vehicle serviced. A repair may inconvenience your time but shouldn't hurt your wallet. Come in to Jake Sweeney Chevrolet for all of your vehicle repair needs. To schedule an appointment, call 513-782-2826