How to Read Your Dashboard Warning Symbols
Your vehicle displays service and warning symbols in the odometer area of your dashboard. When a symbol appears, it means your vehicle requires attention or is due for maintenance. Here are some of the most common symbols and what the indicate.
1. Airbag Readiness Light, 2. Air Conditioning, 3. Antilock Brake System (ABS), 4. Audio Steering Wheel Controls or OnStar if equipped, 5. Charging System, 6. Safety Belt Reminder1. Tire Pressure Monitor, 2. Traction Control / StibiliTrak, 3. Windshield Wiper Fluid, 4. Cruise Control, 5. Engine Coolant Temperature, 6. Exterior Lamps1. Fog Lamps, 2. Fuel Gage, 3. Fuses, 4. Headlamp High / Low-Beam Cahnger, 5. Latch System Child Restraints, 6. Malfunction Indicator Lamp