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The battery in your Chevy rations electric energy to the vehicle and gives it the energy it needs to rev up and start the engine. It is also used to turn on your radio and headlights when the sky turns dark! Like normal batteries, vehicle batteries can lose charge and die overtime, which will cause your vehicle to not start. You should be getting your battery checked every so often to guarantee that your vehicle will continue to run when you need it most. Our Chevy service center in Cincinnati is highly skillful in battery service maintenance that can help keep your vehicle cruising down the highway!

Why Are Batteries Important?

Batteries act like the heart in our bodies, and in order to keep your vehicle's heart pumping, you need to take care of it. It is imperative to make sure your battery is functioning properly so that you do not end up stuck in your driveway or worse, in a parking lot. The more you drive your vehicle, the more your battery is in use, especially if you are a long distance driver or do a lot of driving on a daily basis. Routine battery service is vital for your vehicle to function properly, as well as keep it running smoothly!

What does a Car Battery Do? A battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Your battery keeps your vehicle operating so that you can travel to all of your destinations. It delivers electricity throughout the vehicle's system and also stabilizes the voltage to keep it going. Basically, your mode of transportation depends on the condition of your battery and the area that it sits in. A clean area for your fully charged battery to stay in is your best bet for keeping your battery in tip-top shape!

How Do I Jumpstart My Vehicle? There is bound to be that one time in your driving life where your battery will fail you, and you will need to jumpstart your vehicle. This is not difficult to do, as long as you know the proper steps to take as you go along. First, you need to find another vehicle to help you jump it. Make sure that both of the vehicles are in "park" or "neutral" with the ignition off and emergency brake on. Then connect the cables; attach on red clip to the positive terminal in your battery and the other red clip to the positive terminal in the other vehicle's battery and do the same for the black clips, accept attach one to a negative terminal on the other car's battery and the other one to an unpainted, metal surface on your car. Next, try to start your vehicle. If it starts, then it worked! If it does not, that is a sign you need a new battery.

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle's battery checked and/or replaced every three to five years, depending on how you drive. However, check your owner's manual, as well as your battery brand for more specific information regarding your Chevy model's battery.

Why Visit our Chevy Service Center?

At Jake Sweeney Chevy, we are contented to have a service center that can provide care to numerous makes and models all through Cincinnati. With a convenient location in Cincinnati, we are easy to get to and from surrounding areas and beyond. As a family owned business, it is important for us to not only be available whenever a customer is need, but it is also important to make sure they are getting the proper service, respect and efficiency they deserve to get in and out as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we offer after hour service drop-offs Monday through Saturday so that if you need to drop your car off overnight, you have the ability to do so! At Jake Sweeney Chevy, our customers mean everything to us, and we will continue to do whatever it takes to make things as convenient and comfortable as possible!

Service Center Reviews

"I brought in my 2011 Traverse for 3 issues. 1-my rear AC would intermittently blow hot air. 2-some of my buttons on my front panel (fan up and down) were scratched up and needed replaced, 3-part of my drivers seat plastic. The service  person named Mark stayed in constant telephone contact with me to inform me of what was going on with my car. He was very courteous with every call." - Review

If your Chevy model is in need of a new battery, you can schedule an appointment at our service center in Cincinnati, or contact us by calling (888) 383-7308.

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