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Your Chevy wiper blades work to help you clearly see the road ahead of you. On an overly windy day or during inclement weather, properly operating wiper blades are important for safe driving. For your Chevy to continue to clear your windshield of rain, snow, sleet or leaves, you have to keep up with your wiper blade maintenance. Our Chevy service center in Cincinnati is highly knowledgeable in wiper blade maintenance that will help keep your vehicle rolling on down the roads!

Why are Wiper Blades Important?

Regular wiper blade checks are one of the most simple, yet crucial maintenance tasks out there. However, many drivers tend to put it off, because they do not realize what an important role the wiper blades and fluids play. Wipers are the reason you can see through your windshield, even when the area you are in is not the perfect place for clear visibility.

What do Wiper Blades Do? Wiper blades clear the windshield of anything that gets stuck on top of it such as, leaves, rain, twigs, snow and other debris. Without regularly checking on your windshield fluids or you wiper blades in general, your visibility while driving could become critically impaired.

When Should Wiper Blades be Replaced? When the time comes to get your wiper blades changed, there are two things you should keep in mind. One, is how often they are used, and two, is their current condition. Check for any rigid edges, fraying or loud scraping noises of the blade along your windshield to decide when they need to be changed.

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle's wiper blades changed every six months, but check your owner's manual for more specific information regarding your Chevy model.

Why Visit our Chevy Service Center?

At Jake Sweeney Chevy, we are pleased to provide a service center that can provide TLC to all makes and models throughout Cincinnati. We only have qualified and licensed technicians working with us, to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best care that will keep you on the road for a longer period of time! As a family owned dealer, we take pride in providing the best care and service we can to our customers who are loyal enough to continue to come back each and every time they need a service done to their vehicle. For those motorists who are looking to improve or upgrade their vehicle, our shop is always fully stocked with parts and other accessories that can turn your vehicle from good to great!

Service Center Reviews

"This was my second experience at a dealership and I must say this was The Best!! I was so ready to drive off the lot in a used car, but I qualified for a brand new car. Darrin immediately went to bat for me. I mean he literally sat down and explained the entire process to me. He kept me well informed. He even thought about my other bills, he understood I had to live outside my car payment. That's great customer service. I will never forget the experience with the team at Jake Sweeney. Blessings to Darrin and his team at Jake Sweeney." - Review

If your Chevy model is in need of new wiper blades or fluids, you can schedule an appointment at our service center in Cincinnati, or contact us by calling (888) 383-7308.

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