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The brakes on your Chevy vehicle allow you stop when you need to the most -- in a traffic jam, stop light or sign or when pulling into a parking space. The more you drive your vehicle, the more your brakes wear down, causing them to not function as efficiently as they could. Continual brake maintenance and service will help keep your vehicle from obtaining issues within your braking system. Our Chevy service center in Cincinnati is highly experienced in braking systems and can help your vehicle have brakes that function and work to their fullest potential.

Why are Brakes Important?

Over time, your brakes and brake pads deteriorate, especially if you spend most of your travel time in stop-and-go traffic. Regular brake service is important for your own protection, and that of other motorists around you! It is important to take extra care of your brakes so that you have the ability to stop when you need to and stay safe.

What do Brakes do Inside A Vehicle? Brakes are one of the essential components of your vehicle. Your brakes keep your vehicle from hitting objects and rolling out into the road. How they work is simple. When you step on the brake pedal, a pad of durable material clamps onto the brake disc and rubs it to make it slow down and stop.

When is it Time for New Brakes? There are a number of ways you can tell when your vehicle is in need of new brakes. A grinding sound that occurs while pressing down on your brake pedal could indicate that your brake pads have worn down, making it difficult for your vehicle to stop effectively. If your brake pedal is responding in an unusual manner or it is really hard to push down on the pedal, that could mean your calipers have worn down unevenly, causing your brakes to not function "evenly." Finally, if you feel a tremor in the steering wheel or on the pedal as you push down, that is a warning sign that you should take your vehicle in to be looked at by a certified mechanic right away!

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle's brake system checked every 60,000 miles, however, check your owner's manual for more specific information regarding your specific Chevy model.

Why Visit our Chevy Service Center?

At Jake Sweeney Chevrolet, we are pleased to provide a service center that can administer care to all makes and models throughout Cincinnati. We know that your vehicle's problems can be of the varied sort, so we offer our customers a plethora of services ranging from simple fixes to more complicated ones, to ensure that your vehicle gets the best care possible. We also know that maintaining your vehicle's health can be a costly expense that you may not have been ready to take on financially. That is why we offer our customers great service coupons and specials that can help diminish the cost on certain services. We only have licensed and qualified technicians working with us, to guarantee that your vehicle is getting the best care that will keep you on the road for a longer period of time! We also have early hours of operation Monday through Friday, so that if you would like to come in before you start your daily commute, you have the option to do so!

Service Center Reviews

"Greg my service provider was excellent! As well as everyone else I came into contact with this morning. I was in by 8:30am and out by 10:30am. Service was fast and efficient!!! Give thanks!" - Review

If your Chevy model is pleading for new brakes or brake pads, you can schedule an appointment at our service center in Cincinnati, or contact us by calling (888) 383-7308.

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