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Check the pressure of all your tires monthly, even the spare! Don’t see any damage? Air leaks due to accidental puncture and leaks in the valve or valve cap won’t always be visible. With issues like these, tires can lose up to 1 psi - pounds per square inch - every month.

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Chevrolet Tire Basics
Tires are the reason we are able to remain in control of our vehicles. With new tires, we have optimal tread which provides our vehicles with the best grip to the road. Tread wear is one of the biggest issues when talking about tire maintenance. Regular tire rotations can help your tread last longer, keeping you from having to buy new tires sooner than normal. Jake Sweeney Chevrolet can do your Chevrolet tire rotation and check your tread depth for you. Our technicians are trained to know how well a tire is doing and when/if it should be changed out.

Wheel Alignment

Proper vehicle alignment is a leading cause of improper tire wear. If you're noticing your car or truck pushing to one side or another you might need a front-end alignment. Another indicator of this is if your steering wheel is angled while you're traveling straight. A proper alignment can save you gas, tire tread life, and some major headaches in the future. Come down to Jake Sweeney Chevrolet in Cincinnati, OH and let us give your vehicle an inspection for any of these issues.

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Jake Sweeney's service center is committed to providing your utmost satisfaction. Our highly trained and skilled mechanics take pride in their work and will take care of all of your service needs. We diligently diagnose issues and every repair has your well-deserved time and attention to get you back on the road. Jake Sweeney ensures you the best possible deals when it comes to getting your vehicle serviced. A repair may inconvenience your time but shouldn't hurt your wallet. Come in to Jake Sweeney Chevrolet for all of your vehicle repair needs. To schedule an appointment, call 513-782-2826